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Experience Authentic Java - the awesome scenery, the distinctive culture,
the fascinating history, the fine historical remains,
and the welcoming Javanese people

AUTHENTIC JAVA TOURS is led by Graeme, an English & Indonesian-speaking expat who has a thorough knowledge of Java and Madura having lived and traveled in Indonesia for 25 years. Samsul, his co-organizer, comes from East Java. With their outstanding network of local contacts they really know Java and Indonesia. Graeme has written numerous travel articles on Indonesia for magazines, both in Indonesia and internationally. He was a contributor to the most recent edition of the Rough Guide to Indonesia, and his photographs of Indonesia have been published in a variety of magazines.

Our tours
Our tours take you to the real Java beyond the obvious tourist spots, providing an opportunity for you to explore at first hand the local culture and the beauty of Java. Benefit from Graeme's authoritative and interesting commentary en route, and see places that many have not.

Travel on your own with family, friends, or in small like-minded groups, that are as discerning as you are: people with inquiring minds interested in engaging with authentic local culture.

We aim to provide you with a great experience of the real Java, and for you to be part of it not just an observer from a distance.

Choose one of our popular tour choices on our Regular Tours page for further information, or ask us to tailor-make a tour for you that focuses on your special interests.

Unless you choose one of our Scheduled Tours your tour is private � just you and the people you choose - and on dates that work for you. Our tours are available all year round.

All of our tours start from Surabaya in East Java unless special arrangements are made. Flights are generally not included.

What's special about our tours?
Our tours differ from many others in that they focus on what we call 'authentic' Java. We offer ready-made and tailor-made tours. Our tours include the most interesting sights and experiences in the area that offer interesting insights into the real Java beyond mass tourism. Many of these destinations take you off the beaten track. We include sights that are often not featured in the mainstream tour brochures, but which we know to be worthwhile and 'authentic'. You will benefit from our 25 years� experience of exploring Java by offering something beyond the obvious that incudes local life, villages, culture, and beautiful countryside to explore.

All our tours are guided and chaperoned by the two of us personally, we do not outsource this, so you benefit from our local knowledge and expertise.

Our tours are priced for you, that is why you don't see many prices on our website other than for Scheduled Tours. Prices vary according to the standard of accommodation you choose, the number of people in your group, the number of days, and if you require transport from us, or if you are providing your own should you live in Surabaya where all our tours start from.

We do not inflate prices: the tour fee you pay is what it costs us for your hotel, transport, etc., plus a reasonable addition for the expenditure of our time and the expertise provided. That�s all.

Contributing to the local community
We always aim to support the local communities we visit on our tours. When tours include visiting local craftspeople who have items for sale we provide the opportunity for you not only to see them producing their crafts - batik, bronze-making, stone carving, glass bead making etc., - but to purchase handicrafts from them directly rather than through middlemen or retailers that are often from outside the community. Not only are you never made to feel obligated to buy, but we do not make commissions from any purchases you might choose to make.

We partner with locals to arrange and provide our hotel bookings, restaurant stops, transport, and access to sights to insure that we make contributions to the local economy.

No insurance is included on our tours. However, you do need to have insurance to take our tours. If you don't already have it we recommend World Nomads for instant affordable insurance cover. At the start of each tour participants are required to sign our "Waiver, Release of Liability, and Assumption of Risk" document.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.
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