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These private tours are available all year round on dates to suit you. We cater to any size of group from one person upwards. Please inquire for details.
All photographs were taken on the actual tours.

Madura Tour - 1 Day

This tour visits the seldom visited island of Madura, just off the coast of Surabaya. Modern life has largely passed Madura by, providing many interesting traditional sights and lots of local charm. Madura is a friendly island and visitors are made to feel welcome. Our one-day tour provides a taste of what the island has to offer.

We take the ferry across the Straits of Madura to the island. On arrival we visit a fascinating traditional market full of interesting food stuffs - fruits, vegetables, traditional snacks, and other local produce and products. We then drive north to visit a fine 19th century lighthouse that was erected in the reign of Willem III when Indonesia was a colony of the Netherlands. Each part was shipped from there and installed on site. Often it is possible for us to climb up through the centre and then walk out onto the viewing platform. We then drive on to Arosbaya, an ancient citadel, where one of the royal families of Madura is buried. The Cakr

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Dutch Nostalgie Tour of Surabaya - 1 Or More Days

Our "Nostalgie" Tour has been designed for our many Dutch clients. It is intended as an exploration of colonial Dutch-era remains in Surabaya. While we are not of Dutch ancestry ourselves, Dutch colonial history is a hobby of ours and we have a thorough knowledge of Surabaya’s colonial past. You may be searching for family connections with Surabaya, or just interested in your country’s history here. The tour can be over 1 or more days.

It includes visits to the following, adjusted to suit your interests. We go inside many of the buildings and areas:

          Ereveld Kembang Kuning - 5,000 graves. A substantial number of citizens and military and naval personnel are buried here including those from cemeteries in Tarakan, Kupang, Ambon, Balikpapan, Makassar and Irian Jaya. The Karel Doorman Monument is located at this cemetery, commemorating Rear Admiral Doorman and all people on board vessels that perished durin

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Surabaya Markets Tour - 1 Day

This tour takes us to the morning markets of Surabaya. These are traditional markets selling a wide range of fresh produce - fruits, vegetables, meat and fish, spices and other dried goods. Some of the markets are very informal, alongside the road or railway track, while others are enclosed. The tour includes a visit to the oldest market in Surabaya, dating back to the 1820s, and the souk in the Arab Quarter. If interested we can also include a bird and animal market. These markets are very colourful and provide interesting insights into the culinary traditions of Java, as well as the wide range of goods sold.

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South Coast of East Java Tour - 4-5 Days

This fabulous tour travels southwest from Surabaya down to the south coast of the island of Java. Here we are on the Indian Ocean and accommodation is offered in an exclusive villa only minutes walk from a beautiful bay.

This tour includes a number of highlights, including outstanding swimming beaches (two of them very secluded), fabulous walking, a boating trip on the bay, a visit to a fishing port, fishing opportunities, visits to a cave, ancient temple sights, scenic drives,  village batik, local markets, and fabulous freshly caught fish and shellfish for your meals.

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Malang & Environs Tour - 2 Days

This tour is centred around Malang, a former Dutch hill station in East Java. It offers varied scenery, historical and cultural sights, traditional village life and walks. It includes an interesting stroll through the city exploring the colonial remains and cultural sights. Accommodation is at one of the finest boutique hotels in Java (other hotels are available if you are on a budget). En route we visit a 13th century Hindu-Buddhist temple, a botanical gardens, a colonial-era tea plantation and factory, a  visit to to a natural habitat zoo, lunch at an environmental centre in a fine setting, take a walk through a forest and traditional villages, and walk up to a 10th century Hindu baths. Available all year round.


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East Java Hiking Tour - 1 Or More Days

This 1 day or longer tour visits an area of natural beauty south of Surabaya on the lower slopes of Mounts Penanggungan and Arjuno and down to the fertile Brantas River Valley. Highlights include cool altitude walking, waterfalls, ancient temples, and explorations of traditional village life on foot. An option on the extended tour is a one day visit to Mount Bromo, an active volcano. According to your interests we can include visits to a beautiful environmental study center, a botanical gardens, and a tea plantation. The focus is on off the beaten-track travel, up close to the local environment, providing plenty of opportunity to see and engage with traditional village life, and with an emphasis on being out of the car and hiking where possible. Offered all year round.


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East Java Discovery Tour - 1 Day

This one day tour will take you on a journey to some of the beauty of East Java close to Surabaya, including Purwodadi Botanical Gardens, Wonosari Tea Plantation, Taman Safari open zoo, Kaliandra Sejati Foundation, Candi Jawi temple, a scenic drive through terraced rice paddies in the foothills of Mount Penanggunang, and Candi Jolotundo Hindu baths. Offered all year round.

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Mount Bromo Volcano Tour - 1 Day

The Bromo area is now fully open again after a period of volatility.

This one day tour visits Mount Bromo, an active volcano with a height of 2,300m. The route taken includes a scenic road of high altitude through terraced farming and picturesque Tenggerese Hindu villages, to the outer caldera of the volcano. We stop off at a splendid traditional market and a local village. Three viewing points (2,770m at highest) are available with spectacular views above the Sea of Sand looking towards Mount Bromo and Mount Batok (2,440m). We descend by jeep down to the Sea of Sand for closer views of the volcano and the savanna. Next we drive to the point where you will take horses or walk to the volcano base and climb the 250 steps to the rim of the crater, enabling you to see down into the cauldron of fire. On our return we visit a Hindu temple and stop off at a villager’s house to see the local way of life as well as taking lunch in a local restaurant.

Unlike mos

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Madura Tour - 3-4 Days

This tour visits the seldom visited island of Madura, just off the coast of Surabaya. Modern life has largely passed Madura by, providing many interesting traditional sights and lots of local charm. Madura is a friendly island and visitors are made to feel welcome. Offered all year round.

Highlights include:

•             Beautiful scenic trip along the north coast of the island along the Java Sea

•             Secluded clean golden-sand beach for a swim en-route to our main destination, Sumenep

•             Visit to a 17th century Royal Cemetery

•             See the amazing limestone quarries hewed out by hand over centuries

•    &n

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Antiques Tour - 1 Day

Interested in buying antiques in Surabaya, Gresik or Malang? 
Authentic Java Tours knows where to look. We will take you on a tour to many stores you won't know to seek out the best. Our bargaining skills are provided to help you clinch a good deal. Offered all year round.

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Furniture & Wood Carpentry Tour - 1 Day

Living in or visiting Surabaya and want to buy or have made custom furniture or wooden items from your designs to grace your home and take back overseas with you when you leave? We can take you to Surabaya's finest furniture and carpentry firms using kiln-dried teak, mahogany and other woods. We will interpret, negotiate for you, and follow up on your orders. Offered all year round on Monday to Friday when workshops are operating.

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Temples and Cottage Industries Tour - 1 Day

On this tour we visit the complex of Majapahit-era temples at Trowulan in the province of Mojokerto in East Java.  The tour will include the main brick temples and other structures of this ancient capital of the Majapahit Empire, built between A.D.1293 and 1500. Also included in the tour will be a visit to the Trowulan Museum, the stone carving, bronze casting, traditional batik,  and glass bead cottage industries nearby, and the impressive modern day Reclining Buddha at the Buddhist Center. This tour is offered all year round.

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Batik Tour - 1-2 Days

This tour focuses primarily on the village batik centers of Sidoarjo and Tuban in East Java to the south and north of Surabaya. Batik has been produced in these areas for centuries, and their designs are quite distinct from other areas of Java. You will be able to watch the artisans at work and have an opportunity to buy directly and even try your hand at designing a batik yourself. Additionally, other sights of interest in the region will be included that we encounter on our batik exploration. If you take the overnight option the hotel choices are a secluded location on a cape overlooking the Java Sea, or a city hotel in Tuban. This tour is available all year round.

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Old Surabaya Tour - 7 Hours

A tour through old Surabaya, taking you to a wharf where traditional pnisi iron-wood and teak schooners can be viewed; the historic colonial-era business district from the early 1800's to mid-1900's; a number of buildings designed by Dutch architects, including a bank building and a plantation headquarters that is the finest example of the "Indies"-style  in Surabaya. We will also visit bustling Chinatown; the exotic Arab Quarter, and enter one of Surabaya’s oldest and most colourful food markets; an old clove cigarette factory and museum; an early 19th century Chinese Buddhist temple; a walk through a traditional kampong; and a museum devoted to the independence struggle. We visit the historic Hotel Majapahit, one of the most beautiful hotels in Asia. An optional stop at a set-price emporium of handicrafts can be included. This tour is offered all year round.

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