Tours » Dutch Nostalgie Tour of Surabaya - 1 Or More Days

Our "Nostalgie" Tour has been designed for our many Dutch clients. It is intended as an exploration of colonial Dutch-era remains in Surabaya. While we are not of Dutch ancestry ourselves, Dutch colonial history is a hobby of ours and we have a thorough knowledge of Surabaya’s colonial past. You may be searching for family connections with Surabaya, or just interested in your country’s history here. The tour can be over 1 or more days.

It includes visits to the following, adjusted to suit your interests. We go inside many of the buildings and areas:

          Ereveld Kembang Kuning - 5,000 graves. A substantial number of citizens and military and naval personnel are buried here including those from cemeteries in Tarakan, Kupang, Ambon, Balikpapan, Makassar and Irian Jaya. The Karel Doorman Monument is located at this cemetery, commemorating Rear Admiral Doorman and all people on board vessels that perished during the Battle of the Java Sea on 28 February 1942.

·        Begraafplaats Peneleh – The European civilian cemetery of 1820-1950

·        Soerabajasche Zieken Verpleging

·        St. Vincentius a Paulo Roomsch Katholiek Ziekenhuis

·        Handelstraat - the Roode Brug area, the commercial cente of Surabaya in the Dutch-era

·        Handelsvereeniging Amsterdam (HVA) – considered the finest example of Indies architecture

·        De Simpangsche Societeit

·        Nutsspaar Bank

·        Darmo Housing Development – 1920s-30s

·        NV.Lindeteves-Stokvis building

·        Internationale Crediten Handelvereeniging building

·        Spoorwegstation Semut Soerabaja

·        Spoorwegstation Goebeng Soerabaja

·        Gevangenis Kalisosok 

·        Staadhuis te Soerabaia

·        Gouverneurs Kantoor Oost-Java

·        Darmo Wijk Japanese POW camp area

·        Soerabaia Havenkantoor

·        Soerabaijasch Handelsblad building

·        Hoofdbureau van Politie

·        Kerk Katholieke Kepanjen

·        Kerk Protestan Bubutan

·        Weeshuis Boeboetan

·        Heineken Indische Bierbrouwerijen Maatschapij factory

·        Oranje Hotel – Surabaya’s colonial hotel dating from 1910

         Koninklijke Paketvaart Matschappij building

         De Javasche Bank

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