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This tour visits the seldom visited island of Madura, just off the coast of Surabaya. Modern life has largely passed Madura by, providing many interesting traditional sights and lots of local charm. Madura is a friendly island and visitors are made to feel welcome. Our one-day tour provides a taste of what the island has to offer.

We take the ferry across the Straits of Madura to the island. On arrival we visit a fascinating traditional market full of interesting food stuffs - fruits, vegetables, traditional snacks, and other local produce and products. We then drive north to visit a fine 19th century lighthouse that was erected in the reign of Willem III when Indonesia was a colony of the Netherlands. Each part was shipped from there and installed on site. Often it is possible for us to climb up through the centre and then walk out onto the viewing platform. We then drive on to Arosbaya, an ancient citadel, where one of the royal families of Madura is buried. The Cakraningrat family ruled over Madura for many centuries. It's a peaceful and serene place and pilgrims come long distances to pray here. From here we take a short walk through pretty scenery to the sandstone caves. These caves have been carved out by hand over centuries, the stone being used for graves stones or building foundations. The caves formed by this activity are truly magnificent and beautiful. We then have a choice: we can visit a natural forest Geger Hill National Park and walk through the scenic area or we can visit Bukit Jaddih Limestone Swimming Complex - a unique swimming pool carved out of limestone and fed by a mineral spring. Very clean and refreshing water to swim in. After this we go for lunch and enjoy a traditional Madurese meal. In the area there are a number of vendors we can visit of Madura's beautiful batik - the hand painted textile, a method of producing coloured designs on cotton or silk by dyeing them, having first applied wax to the parts to be left undyed. We then return to Surabaya by the 5km bridge linking Madura with Java.


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